An Admirer…

Happy Earth Day! We truly do believe every day is Earth Day and it warms our hearts to know our decisions are recognized and appreciated by others. We received a wonderful note from someone we had never met and wanted to share it.

To: owner and employees,

You may think this silly but a few times a year I drive by your facility off 104 west on my way to my car mechanic in Sodus.

Your wind turbine actually has an emotional effect me. It fills me with a feeling of otherworldliness  and wonder. The flag on the turbine is also a beautiful emotional connection and the experience of driving by your facility adds to my life in a good way.

 I am glad for your existence, wish more companies would put their risk- taking and heart out there so boldly as you have.

 May your boldness encourage other companies to steps and beyond the bottom line.

With admiration, 



Dear Darcie,

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to write your “An Admirer” note to Harbec. Since adding the wind turbines to our operations we have received an increasing amount of praise for our commitment to make substantial investments and steps toward sustainability. Harbec endeavors to be a sustainable manufacturing company and we are continuously seeking out ways to establish new goals, improve our performance, and advance our efforts. Your note was a welcomed reminder of the impact we have intended within the community. It inspires us to know that people like you take such notice, pride, and passion in our efforts and the time to share your thoughts. Thank you for that Darcie.

The wind turbines at Harbec are certainly a bold and visual statement representing the potential and promise of U.S. based manufacturing. Achieving economic growth in hand with a social and environmental consciousness to the local community and to the world is not only possible, but achievable. Our wind turbines are a symbol of economic, energy, and environmental freedom that business can dramatically shape. They also represent our commitment to our employees and local community to be a good steward of our natural resources, and a business that proactively manages its energy resources so that we can earn the opportunity to continue to do business and employ local talent for years to come. We also believe that through our own efforts, other businesses and communities may choose to also make positive and proactive decisions regarding the use of renewable energy and other sustainable technologies.

Your kind words resonate strongly with the core values and principles of Harbec. It would be an honor if we could share them with others that have interest to learn about our business. Thank you for your consideration, and again for your personal reflection and feedback.



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