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Certification to AS9100D 

We are proud to share our recent certification to AS9100 Revision D Quality Management System for aviation, space and defense industries. Here at Harbec, our employees strive for excellence in all we do. By adding a 5th management systems certification,  we have demonstrated an unremitting commitment to improvement in our product, quality and delivery performance. Our management systems now hold certifications to ISO 9001-2015 (Quality), ISO 13485-2003 (Medical) ISO 14001-2004 (Environmental) and IS0 50001 SEP (Energy) at the Platinum level.

AS9100 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard specific to the aerospace, aviation and defense industries. The aerospace and defense industry is tightly regulated and demands the highest level of quality standards for the development and manufacture of products while promoting quality, safety and continuous product and process improvement.

At Harbec, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements. By obtaining the AS9100 Revision D certification, our customers can be confident that we have the necessary processes in place, well trained, quality driven employees and the outstanding leadership of top management to consistently meet any requirements and expectations for even in the most challenging applications. Kevin Ralg, Compliance Manager at Harbec states “Adding a 5th certification speaks volumes about the excellence of our employees. The source of our quality is our employees and I congratulate all of them in obtaining this certification in their continued pursuit of excellence.” Harbec’s President Bob Bechtold added,  “We believe that this certification will demonstrate to our current and future customers that we are capable, at the highest level, of meeting their manufacturing requirements and that it will increase our opportunities to serve the aerospace marketplace”.

HARBEC is dedicated to providing tightly toleranced prototypes, tooling, machined components and quality injection molded parts in a sustainable manner with a social conscience. Customers have come to trust in our core competencies (quality, speed, performance, value) and capabilities (custom injection molding, prototypes, 3D printing, CNC machining). They’ve also realized they can obtain better results by extending their relationship with us.  A combination of manufacturing tools, capabilities and integrated processes are necessary to meet the stringent needs of customers. By focusing on the total solution, and not just the part, we help customers every step of the way.

Removing Obstacles and Reducing Risk

“The One-Stop Shop”

HARBEC has evolved to be a one-stop manufacturing solutions provider. We’ve done this to remove obstacles and reduce unnecessary risk for our customers.

The best way to control the quality, performance, price, and longevity of precision parts and components is to integrate all capabilities for part manufacturing under one roof. This model pushes risk to the manufacturer, which is mitigated by providing customers with differentiated values such as:


  1. Personal and facilitated process: Save time and cost by having the manufacturer proactively manage the full  process. This results in time savings, precise schedules, shorter lead-times, and faster cycle times.
  1. Manufacturing cost savings: by managing the full manufacturing queue; Take out unnecessary administrative costs and reduce the risk of cost overruns associated with multiple suppliers.
  1. Range of manufacturing options: Finding experts in both prototyping and production will provide  the best solutions to meet tolerance and quality goals for the full project.
  1. Integrated services and solutions: Incorporating “ad-ins” such as “moldflow analysis” on all production tool purchases, is a benefit. Many molders price such services out separately. Incorporation of software tools like SolidWorks Plastics enables the “one-stop shop” to reduce tool prices because toolmakers can more accurately predict tool performance. These solutions also provide a reduction of waste, time, and materials – resulting in higher performing and more sustainable manufacturing processes.
  1. No surprises and guaranteed value: Consistency through one quote, one price, and  guaranteed tool, part quality and performance is found under one roof. At HARBEC there are no surprises along the way. HARBEC guarantees our tool performance and part quality which also translates into guarantees on price and delivery.


To achieve lower risk for its customer HARBEC provides a range of options and simple solutions spanning the quoting process, part/product design, manufacturing, and value-added solutions.


Reducing manufacturing risks are essential to achieving business growth and success. Although having a large number of suppliers is a way to diversify and mitigate risk, it is not necessarily the best solution for every product. The reliance and management of multiple suppliers can actually add cost and create unpredictable outcomes and unnecessary risks. Every manufacturing requirement and situation is different, and HARBEC has evolved to “right size” the solution(s) to your need(s).

clean room molding

Clean, Green, and Lean: Medical Device Component Manufacturing at Harbec

The medical device industry designs, develops and uses the most advanced technology and novel materials available. The industry represents a diversity of market segments which have very high standards for quality and precision products including orthopedics, surgical instruments, diagnostic apparatus, cardiovascular devices, dental instruments, blood transfusion and IV equipment, spinal devices, among others. As a result, the manufacturing capabilities required to produce innovative medical devices must also be world-class.

Harbec has made and continues to make, significant investments to earn the right to be a preferred medical device manufacturer for some of the world’s leading medical device companies. Harbec’s investment in state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, production-capable 3D printing, and cleanroom molding have provided medical device customers with the speed, accuracy, quality, and tolerance they need to produce high-value medical products.

Whether it is a 3D model, a precision cut mold out of aluminum or steel, tiny titanium parts milled at incredibly tight tolerances, or mid-to-high volume injection molded parts from a cleanroom environment, Harbec has a solution for your need.

In the past six months Harbec has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new equipment, process improvements, and production capability upgrades to remain at the leading-edge of performance, quality, speed, and efficiency in medical device component manufacturing.  These solutions enable Harbec to rapidly evaluate and integrate a range of manufacturing opportunities including materials and equipment which can help its medical device customers differentiate their products in the marketplace.


Medical device manufacturing has very strict requirements for production cleanliness, product quality, packaging, and labeling. Harbec maintains stringent quality standards and practices so that it continuously earns the trust of some of the most discerning medical device customers.  To further strengthen our commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement, Harbec is actively pursuing ISO 13485 certification. The use of management systems is, in the experience of Harbec, critical to maintaining quality, performance, and competitiveness. Harbec has certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50,001/SEP. Harbec’s commitment to quality, environmental, and energy also drives manufacturing operations to provide a long-term sustainable value to customers.

In 2013 Harbec became a carbon-neutral company. This was accomplished through perseverance, innovation, and with a focus on continuous improvement. It is this commitment to excellence that Harbec brings to medical device component manufacturing. Contact Harbec to learn more about their solutions for medical device manufacturing. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter for more “Solutions!” 

Meeting the Challenges of 2014 and Beyond

As 2014 is officially upon us, we at HARBEC would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust, as we look ahead to another great year, and many more.

We’d also like to remind our clients, both old and new, that we believe your time is truly valuable, and as such, are committed to continuing to deliver solutions that save you time and money. We were one of the first rapid injection molding firms in the industry, having published our Quick Manufacturing Solutions (QMS) methods back in 1995. Our thoroughly researched and proven QMS provide rapid delivery on short- to medium-run parts of any material, without ever sacrificing quality.

These QMS methods offer rapid delivery with significant cost savings, high-quality first-run parts, reduced cycle times, less-stressed parts, and many more advantages—including access to our dedicated staff who are always happy to work closely with customers.

While focusing on quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we also believe that this can and should be done in a socially-conscious, sustainable manner- at no additional cost to the customer. Our mission is to deliver high value  solutions while fostering respect for our environment, the global community, and everyone with whom we work. In fact, you can see how in our new mission video.

Our mission video isn’t the only new thing we’ve been working on introducing. Over the past year, our endeavors have included increased marketing efforts that are both concise and solutions-based, showcasing our ideals and our thought leadership. As of January, 2014, we will be sharing monthly newsletters, and will continue to bring these, along with regular videos to you, our dedicated customers/readers.

We’ve enjoyed meeting and exceeding any challenges that have come our way; no part is too small, no product is unmoldable, and no question is too tough. We invite you to continue to challenge us, and we welcome any and all questions, requests, and feedback going forward.

Happy New Year—we know it will be a great one.

Introducing Cleanroom Capabilities

Proper cleanroom suitability—an environment where air cleanliness is carefully controlled—is crucial to a number of industries and applications. Its primary purpose is to produce parts in a controlled environment, minimizing the airborne particles within that room by use of filters. A cleanroom controls the amount of microbes and bacteria by filtering the air through a HEPA filter, which pressurizes the room and removes 99.9% of all particles—an extremely important factor in applications for which cleanliness is integral.

At Harbec Inc., we are excited to now offer the services of our portable ISO class 8 cleanroom. This capability, a modular device that can be customized to fit any application and built on to adapt to any project, will offer much potential to our clients. It goes over the molding machine, encompassing the molding area, making it as easy to use and cost efficient as it is effective. Its adaptability to fit molding machine means the possibilities are endless.cleanroom

In the past, we received many requests from our customers for this capability.  We now realize that as more and more industries have cleanroom requirements—from healthcare to electronics and others—our new cleanroom will help many of our customers meet their needs. Beyond the standard offerings, we can also do labeling and packaging right inside the cleanroom.

As part of our commitment to provide the best services, we have dedicated personnel trained specifically for this cleanroom. We do daily monitoring of the air particles inside the cleanroom as well as weekly monitoring of the filters and equipment.

Those who have worked with us for years know the importance we place on quality and service, and this new offering will be no different.

Harbec Explains DMLS Technology

In recent years, additive manufacturing has become a mainstream method for producing prototypes and production parts. Harbec has offered DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) and SLS (select laser sintering) services since 2000, providing customers with accurate plastic and metal prototypes.  Additive manufacturing offers many benefits over conventional machined prototypes. The typical lead time for additive prototypes is significantly less than other methods; lead times are measured in days not weeks.Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS

DMLS technology is a method of part manufacture that uses metal powder that is sintered using a powerful laser.  The process uses cross sectional layers at a thickness of .0007” to provide the best surface finish possible. The end result is a 100% dense metal part that is accurate within +-.002” per inch with the capability to create features as small as .007”.  The DMLS process provides engineers with part geometry options that were previously unavailable with conventional prototyping methods.  Current DMLS materials available at Harbec are:  stainless steel (17-4), maraging steel (similar to H13), and Ti64 titanium.

The SLS process is similar to the DMLS process using the same cross sectional layer method of sintering with a laser.  The major difference between the SLS and DMLS process is the medium used. SLS uses plastic powders to create durable sintered parts.  Accuracy of the SLS process is +-.01” per inch, and the process is capable of building features as small as .02”.  Current SLS materials available at Harbec: PA2200(nylon polyamide), TPE210(thermo plastic elastomer, available in a variety of durometers), Alumide(aluminum filled nylon polyamide), FR106(V0 flame retardant nylon polyamide), and  PA614-GS(40% glass filled polyamide).

DMLS/SLS comparison to conventional CNC



Conventional CNC

Complex Part Geometries

Single operation
(less expensive)

Multiple operations

Lead Times

3 – 5 days

1 – 2 weeks

Small Features

No added cost

Added cost



Conventional CNC

Undercuts and Trapped Geometries


Not Possible

Cooling Lines


(more efficient)

Straight only

(less efficient)