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Clean, Green, and Lean: Medical Device Component Manufacturing at Harbec

The medical device industry designs, develops and uses the most advanced technology and novel materials available. The industry represents a diversity of market segments which have very high standards for quality and precision products including orthopedics, surgical instruments, diagnostic apparatus, cardiovascular devices, dental instruments, blood transfusion and IV equipment, spinal devices, among others. As a result, the manufacturing capabilities required to produce innovative medical devices must also be world-class.

Harbec has made and continues to make, significant investments to earn the right to be a preferred medical device manufacturer for some of the world’s leading medical device companies. Harbec’s investment in state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, production-capable 3D printing, and cleanroom molding have provided medical device customers with the speed, accuracy, quality, and tolerance they need to produce high-value medical products.

Whether it is a 3D model, a precision cut mold out of aluminum or steel, tiny titanium parts milled at incredibly tight tolerances, or mid-to-high volume injection molded parts from a cleanroom environment, Harbec has a solution for your need.

In the past six months Harbec has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new equipment, process improvements, and production capability upgrades to remain at the leading-edge of performance, quality, speed, and efficiency in medical device component manufacturing.  These solutions enable Harbec to rapidly evaluate and integrate a range of manufacturing opportunities including materials and equipment which can help its medical device customers differentiate their products in the marketplace.


Medical device manufacturing has very strict requirements for production cleanliness, product quality, packaging, and labeling. Harbec maintains stringent quality standards and practices so that it continuously earns the trust of some of the most discerning medical device customers.  To further strengthen our commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement, Harbec is actively pursuing ISO 13485 certification. The use of management systems is, in the experience of Harbec, critical to maintaining quality, performance, and competitiveness. Harbec has certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50,001/SEP. Harbec’s commitment to quality, environmental, and energy also drives manufacturing operations to provide a long-term sustainable value to customers.

In 2013 Harbec became a carbon-neutral company. This was accomplished through perseverance, innovation, and with a focus on continuous improvement. It is this commitment to excellence that Harbec brings to medical device component manufacturing. Contact Harbec to learn more about their solutions for medical device manufacturing. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter for more “Solutions!” 

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