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Introducing Cleanroom Capabilities

Proper cleanroom suitability—an environment where air cleanliness is carefully controlled—is crucial to a number of industries and applications. Its primary purpose is to produce parts in a controlled environment, minimizing the airborne particles within that room by use of filters. A cleanroom controls the amount of microbes and bacteria by filtering the air through a HEPA filter, which pressurizes the room and removes 99.9% of all particles—an extremely important factor in applications for which cleanliness is integral.

At Harbec Inc., we are excited to now offer the services of our portable ISO class 8 cleanroom. This capability, a modular device that can be customized to fit any application and built on to adapt to any project, will offer much potential to our clients. It goes over the molding machine, encompassing the molding area, making it as easy to use and cost efficient as it is effective. Its adaptability to fit molding machine means the possibilities are endless.cleanroom

In the past, we received many requests from our customers for this capability.  We now realize that as more and more industries have cleanroom requirements—from healthcare to electronics and others—our new cleanroom will help many of our customers meet their needs. Beyond the standard offerings, we can also do labeling and packaging right inside the cleanroom.

As part of our commitment to provide the best services, we have dedicated personnel trained specifically for this cleanroom. We do daily monitoring of the air particles inside the cleanroom as well as weekly monitoring of the filters and equipment.

Those who have worked with us for years know the importance we place on quality and service, and this new offering will be no different.