Why Employee Morale Matters So Much

  morale3One of the biggest assets of any business is its employees.  Accordingly, employee morale is one of the most important, truly fundamental aspects of running a company—no matter what the business or industry.

Low employee morale carries several highly negative effects: typically, it’s a domino effect that results in low morale spreading from one or a few employees, to the majority of them; low morale means low pride in work, and therefore decreased productivity, increased sick leave, etc.; and finally, low employee morale creates high turnover—employees come and go quickly, and rarely stay for long periods of time.morale1

On the other side of the coin, high morale brings about motivation, expectations that get exceeded, and a group of employees who truly care about the company, and the work they do.  It also comes across to the customers—as well as to competitors.  In short, it just makes sense.

At HARBEC, we believe this wholeheartedly.  One example of our commitment to our staff is our tiered health insurance system that is determined by salary, and offers affordable insurance to all employees.  100% of our eligible employees have health insurance; we even pay each of our employees who have outside insurance $1,000. We are sending them the message that we care about keeping them and their families healthy and happy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We also offer our employees inexpensive dental insurance, paid holidays, vacation days, and personal days, long and short term disability, paid life insurance, profit sharing, 401K, and education assistance.  Finally, we hold regular company sponsored events that are a great way for us all to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company outside of the office.

We care about what we do and what we make, and we care equally about the people who make it all happen.

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